because we feel responsible for you and your cargo We also place great emphasis on environmental protection so that our children can also benefit from the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site


Point of Difference was launched in 2020 to give young adults and school dropouts a chance to make something of their lives

Today it is more important than ever to have an education
we don’t look at grades or origin
everyone is welcome here
regardless of religion, background or anything else
we are happy about motivated young people who want to achieve something

Founders are Carsten Buss B.Sc. Nautical Science and Maritime Traffic with 13 years of seafaring experience on all types of ships in the world
Then Ingo Ulferts with B.A Social Sciences also has experience in logistics and teaching

After that we still have Jan Harms
our youngster, who is an enrichment for the team with experience in marketing and also creating plans

With Marvin Willems we have the best logistician in our team, who is also good in calculations and route planning of the cruises we will offer soon

Jannik Pancke is our sailor through and through
only salt water flows through his blood and will become our inspector after his engineering studies

Our Project

We would like to introduce you to our ambitious project: the training ship, managed by Point of Difference. Anyone dealing with the issues of skills shortages, school leavers and drop-outs is quickly confronted with worrying statistics. According to statista.com around 6.9% have left school without a qualification. For those looking for training, the search for an apprenticeship or a job is difficult. As most apprenticeships and professions require a school-leaving certificate, opportunities remain limited. At the same time, the shortage of skilled labour is increasing. Our programme is aimed at those who have left school without a valid qualification. This is often not due to a lack of motivation, but to difficult family circumstances. According to the Ministry of Family Affairs, there are 1.5 million single parents in Germany and there is often no money for private tuition. Inflation makes the financial situation even more difficult, and single parents often have to adjust their working hours in order to maintain their standard of living. As a result, housework is left undone and the children have to fill the gap, which can have a negative impact on their school performance. Our programme offers early school leavers the opportunity to catch up on missed schooling and complete an apprenticeship in a trade or administrative field. The trainees pass through various areas of our company and can then choose the area that suits them best. We offer employee-oriented training that benefits both employers and employees. Employers can prepare themselves for future skilled workers and help shape the values and skills of their employees. We are planning to organise our training in the maritime sector on a ferry in order to provide practice-oriented, diverse training.